Business education

What is business?

Business, refers to commercial or productive activities or enterprises.

Etymologically, the word “business” comes from “busy” – occupied, active. In the social dimension, being a “busy” businessperson can mean being involved in the organization of the production process of goods or services for commercial purposes.

In economics, the discipline of managing a business, refers to the social science of managing people and organizations to achieve productive goals for the company, including profit for the owners. Business can also be understood as a synonym for entrepreneurship.

Business schools, originally founded in the USA, educate managerial staff. The subject matter taught in these schools can define business. Typically, their programs include courses in management, finance, marketing, IT, law, strategy, psychology, and economics.

In the discipline of strategy, business is understood as a coherent area of economic activity.

Strategic business units (SBU) are referred to as independent units of analysis and management action within complex enterprises.

Business culture is understood as a set of principles that guide entrepreneurs participating in the process of economic exchange. Business cycles are analyzed in terms of economic cycles.